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Walking Through What it’s Like to Restore a Dale Earnhardt Stock Car

If we were to begin chatting about restoring a vehicle, certain cars might pop into most people’s heads. Restorations might conjure up memories of classic muscle cars, perhaps old-school cruisers, or some other sort of street machine that was popular back in its heyday.

However, with one shop, we see the restorations going down in a completely different manner. This is actually one form of restoration that we didn’t even know existed until we stumbled upon this interview. Instead of retouching machines that would find their way to the streets, Rhine Built takes on a different kind of resto.

With what seems like a passion for the early stages of NASCAR another stock car racing, these guys are bringing it upon themselves to bring back the old stock cars to life. Not only do they try to restore these things with historical accuracy but they also get them verified by the original crews behind the cars where possible.

Sometimes, apparently, the original crews even wonder how exactly Rhine got their hands on the real deal cars. After all, when stock cars are done with, who knows what happens to them? In most cases, especially after the teams are broken up, they could end up just about anywhere.

Now, the shop doesn’t deal in engines, gears, or transmissions. However, for those looking for a body restoration along with chassis, suspension, and more, they’ve come to the right place. This certainly is a unique way to look at restorations. There aren’t many who dig into the glory days of some of the best racing ever.

What better way to immortalize the legends than to bring their historic cars back to life? Some of these cars are shining bright and might even give the originals a run for their money! These are definitely machines that are not to be missed.