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Want To Fly a Fighter Jet? This Simulator is Mind Blowing!

Flying a fighter jet is what dreams are made of. For many, the opportunity to get behind the controls and have the freedom to fly one of the most technologically advanced machines known to man at speeds that are hard to comprehend is really something that many would die to be able to do. However, over here in reality, even if you were to go through the steps to get behind the controls of such a machine, odds are that you might never see the opportunity arise. Statistics say that less than five percent of those who enlist in the air force are actually able to become pilots.

Therefore, if you can’t get behind the controls of one of these super expensive machines, naturally, something like a simulator might be the next best thing. We’re sure that there are plenty of virtual simulations that can take you up in the air through a gaming console or computer setup, however, very few are going to give you an experience like this.

It would appear as if this is really a one-of-a-kind situation that gives users the ability to live out dreams in a way that really goes through its paces in terms of mimicking reality. In a day and age where technology is making simulations closer and closer to the real thing, this apparatus appears to go above and beyond to make the participant feel like they’re actually in control of a fighter jet.

The video below takes you along for the ride to witness one of the most advanced simulations that you’ll lay eyes on. Not only does this one put you behind the controls but rotates the user in such a way as to attempt to emulate flight. It looks like it will allow you to turn on a dime as well, really allowing you to feel the agility of such a plane. Now, if only they could figure out a way to safely show the user what those G-forces feel like!