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Watch Paint, Body Filler, and Rust Just Slide Off After a Fastback Mustang is Acid Dipped

When it comes to completely restoring a car or bringing it back to that perfect finish, there’s some serious work that has to be done. A lot of people might not realize that laying down the paint is only a small fraction of getting the perfect paint job. Instead, many professionals will tell you that it’s all about preparing the surface beneath the paint that ends up yielding the best job possible.

Now, on the majority of classic cars, there’s probably almost always a lot of work that one could do to bring back that perfect shine. It all just depends on how in-depth somebody is willing to go in order to get what they see as a perfect finish. Sure, sanding everything down and re-coating it could yield a nice result. However, those who really seek perfection are probably going to want to strip the car down to its bare pieces and get rid of all of the extra crud and rust that has built up over the years.

One of the ways to do that is to acid dip the car in question. A lot of people have heard of this method but not everyone has seen it in action. This time, though, we get the step-by-step process of what it means to acid dip a 1967 fastback Ford Mustang.

This dip is pretty satisfying as we watch this body stripped down from painted all the way to bare metal. Without an acid dip like this, it can be tough to see where different imperfections in the body hay have been covered up with all sorts of different materials or maybe there’s rust on the brink of caving. However, with a process like this, the person behind it will be able to see exactly where the bare metal resides and what parts have to go. There’s no better peace of mind than knowing that you’ve eliminated anything that could be a problem.

After watching processes like this, we think that a lot of people will even stand to gain a new appreciation for what exactly it takes to fully restore a car.

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