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Water Up To The Hood, Truckers Push Through Florence’s Insane Flooding

As Hurricane Florence approached land, it seemed like all signs pointed to it being one of the worst storms that we’ve seen in ages. As time would go on, fortunately, the storm would degrade to a much lesser strength, however, even at a category 1, a hurricane is a hurricane and that means that the affected area would see incredibly potent weather including rain that has amounted to insane amounts of flooding, leaving many stranded and taking the transportation infrastructure for a wild ride as folks try to find a way around on the heels of the natural disaster.

This time, we get one of the first glances at one of the more flooded sections of road in North Carolina that’s so flooded, in fact, that it appears to have stopped traffic in its tracks, well, most of the traffic. As cars and trucks sit by the wayside, it seems like the truckers in question here were more than determined to get to their destination and we can’t say that we blame them. In that industry, deadlines can certainly be strict but it looks like these drivers really wanted to put it all on the line as they would approach the water that would eventually rise to levels that they might not have been ready for.

If you follow the video below, you’ll be able to check out the precarious moment that the water got just a little bit too high, flowing up against the grills of these trucks and threatening to rise to the point where it overtakes the entire hood! It looks like they managed to make it through by some shred of luck and leads you to wonder if they’d be willing to take this situation on again. If that water gets in the wrong place, that means that these truckers‘ livelihoods are on the line!

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