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We Are 100 Percent Sure This is What Wife Material Looks Like

I’m not exactly sure what this girl is doing, and to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. Before you roll your eyes and assume I’m going to say something completely unprofessional, keep reading and see where I’m going with this…

There’s a very good chance this girl has no idea what she’s doing. We’ve all seen the type: the hottie who hangs out around cars because it gets her a lot of attention from guys. However, there are also girls out there who are actually into the automotive culture because it actually interests them. From building and modifying their own rides to driving some of the baddest race cars on the planet, there are plenty of women who are into the scene for the right reasons, and I’m talking about those ladies right now.

Keep it up!

A woman who has a genuine love for the automotive world should be respected and supported. I’m not sure if it threatens some guys’ manhood to see a woman in “our” world doing her own thing, but so many guys seem to be hell-bent on pushing girls out of the industry, and we won’t even start on what girls do and say about each other. If we all worked together and supported one another, things might actually be better for all of us, but everybody gets so caught up in their own feelings that they can’t see the bigger picture.

Although I’m going to say this girl should have definitely taken off her watch and bracelet for safety’s sake, it’s awesome to see her getting in there and putting in the work to get this Audi back up and running. The world needs more women who aren’t afraid to get a little sweaty and greasy under the hood and put in work behind the wheel instead of posting bathroom selfies from the club. I know a woman I can talk cars with is always going to be more attractive than one who goes out partying and drinking every weekend, and if she is willing to actually get on, in, and under a car and work on it, she deserves to be treated like the treasure that she is.


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