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Weather Factory Puts Cars up Against Brutal Storms While Indoors

When it comes to driving our cars, it can be pretty easy to take some things for granted. These days, some things that are seen as the basics might not have always been around. In addition, sometimes, it’s the simplest luxuries that we just forget about entirely.

It’s not until at-top starts leaking and you don’t have air conditioning that you remember just how important that these basic things are. Trust me as I speak from experience. Having a sauna in your car isn’t a fun time, even if it is a Corvette that you’re driving.

In any case, that’s a situation that car manufacturers are trying harder and harder with each model year to try and prevent. In fact, Ford has an entire weather factory that’s dedicated entirely to making sure that their cars are able to withstand all sorts of different situations when it comes to what mother nature might throw in their direction.

This facility is perfect for testing things like if their cars will be able to hold water. Nobody likes a leaky sunroof because of the obvious. Therefore, Ford is making it their duty to see to it that a heavy storm won’t end up dumping water inside of your Ford Focus.

That’s not where it stops, though. Instead, we also see conditions like snow and incredibly high temperature. With something like high temperature, we could see just how the materials might absorb the heat and hold them. On a hot day, dark leather seats can definitely tend to sting your legs but maybe there’s a solution that Ford can come up with to try and get around that thanks to some help in data gathering at The Weather Factory.

Down in the video below, we get to check out this mindbending facility that allows for all-weather testing indoors. Perhaps our favorite part of the test is the altitude test that shows how the car will perform far above sea level, all without even having to move an inch.