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Weird and Rare Moments in the World of NHRA Drag Racing (Some Real Head Scratchers)

When it comes to speed in drag racing, it doesn’t get much faster than the NHRA. These cars and drivers along with their teams are on the top of their game in order to try and compete to take home the ultimate prize. On race day, that means having every last factor in perfect order. Any racer will tell you that the smallest slip-up could be the difference between going home victorious and having to watch someone else raise the trophy.

However, even for someone who has all their ducks in a row, there are situations that are simply outside of a team’s control. Sometimes, these are conventional issues like mechanical failures that nobody could’ve seen coming – stuff just happens when cars are being pushed hard. Other times, though, let’s just say that things definitely can tend to get a little bit strange out there on the racing surface. Different things like timing system failures or technicalities could take a driver from being in firm control of the lead to not even being able to compete at all.

This time, we tune in with a compilation video that recaps some of the weird situations that have happened in NHRA drag racing over the years. Sometimes, a team just has absolutely no control over its future and fate will play its way out on the strip. At the end of the day, this is why they race, right? Otherwise, why not just pack up and go home when one driver is the fastest on paper?

Down in the video below, we tune in with moments that are really one of a kind in the world of NHRA. If there’s one thing that we have really learned from this video, though, it’s that Jeg Coughlin Jr. and timing systems definitely don’t mix well together.