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Exploring The Weirdest Subaru Ever Made

Over the years, there have been tons of nameplates to come and go. After all, automakers can’t just keep putting out the same thing year after year. While some nameplates have grown to be respected and are ones that the consumer constantly looks for, not all them stick around long term. After all, how many nameplates are there out there that had existed over even the last 10 years that seemed pretty popular but then fell off the face of the earth one day, never to be seen again? This seems to just be the state of affairs in the community these days.

Perhaps, one reason that an automaker would want to try out a new nameplate is to put new features to the test. After all, the nameplates that make up the backbone of some of our favorite companies aren’t going to be ones that are taking massive risks. They tend to stay on course instead of veering off of their path drastically. However, if Subaru wanted to invent something that had massive upside but could also be a flop, why not try it out in a new model? This seems like the sort of middle ground where a nameplate like the Subaru SVX comes to life.

By following along with the Doug DeMuro video below, we can take a look at what Doug calls “The Weirdest Subaru Ever.” Now, in his world, calling something “weird” is certainly a high compliment. To us, it’s a platform that we couldn’t wait to dig into and see exactly why it’s so quirky in the first place. Sure, the car didn’t end up panning out in any sort of long term venture but it is a lot of fun to take a look back on what to see what Subaru thought could’ve potentially been the next big thing.