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West Coast Custom Builds Insane 1-of-1 Rolls Royce For Justin Bieber

There are very few people who will buy a Rolls-Royce and decide that they want it to be a lot better than the version that they purchased. Most of the time, these high-end luxury machines are decked out with every luxury imaginable and have quite the price tag to match. Most of the time, this is good enough for the buyer. However, in the eyes of the international sensation, Justin Bieber, he wanted something just a little bit different.

After having his attention captured by a Rolls-Royce concept vehicle with the 103ex, Bieber simply wanted it. He called up his friends over at West Coast Customs and tried to see if he could buy it. One would think that with all of the money in the world that Bieber seems to have, he could just go out and buy such a concept vehicle. However, when West Coast reached out to Rolls-Royce, they would find that the model that Bieber was after wasn’t exactly a real drivable car. Instead, it was just an exercise in creativity.

While most would’ve stopped there, this is where West Coast got to work. The concept on the table was to attempt to create something similar to this prototype that would be akin to what the shop thought Rolls-Royce will be building 25 years from now.

As it turns out, doing something like this is a lot easier said than done. It’s not as easy as slapping on a body kit and calling it a day. Instead, and extreme attention to detail was paid as the crew scanned an entire Rolls-Royce Wraith that would serve as the base and created a 3-D model where they would be able to create body panels to complete the vision.

Down in the video below, we get to watch as one of the craziest examples of a Rolls-Royce that we have ever seen comes to life. You definitely don’t see them like this every day.

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