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West Coast Custom Decks Out Jeffree Star’s McLaren in a Wave of Pink

We would venture to think that there probably aren’t many people who would want an all-pink McLaren. However, in the world of Jeffree Star, things are a bit brighter, quite literally. From what we have seen of the YouTube star and entrepreneur, there’s a lot pinker involved. Let’s just say that Star has some very specific tastes.

This time, after purchasing a McLaren 570s, those tastes would be left up to West Coast Customs to fulfill. The supercar would head to the shop to be clad in pink from top to bottom. This meant coating the exterior and interior alike in just the right shade.

Depending on what shop somebody picks out, this is a job that could either go very well or very poorly. An idea is only as good as the execution behind it. We think that West Coast has quite a reputation for being able to follow through on a concept.

One of the complicated parts of a build like this is that it’s not just going to be any old shade of pink covering the McLaren. Instead, the crew is going to be tasked with using Star’s specific shade of the color. Anybody who has involved themselves in graphic design knows that this can be easier said than done.

If the vehicle is designed to represent a brand, making sure that the color is thorough throughout is definitely an important task. This means that there is an entirely new job to coordinate the different parts. Let’s just say that it can be a challenge to make sure that something like suede matches a specific shade of paint. One shade in the wrong direction and mismatching colors could really be a distraction. When all is said and done, though, it looks like WCC knocked it out of the park!