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What Does a NASCAR Ghost Track Look Like? Check It Out Here!

Sometimes, life acts in weird ways. One moment, you’ll be experiencing something that you would never think would fail and years later, you watch as the moment finally comes around where it does end up crumbling to the ground. With racing, you tend to see this a lot as certain race tracks or even entire forms of racing lose popularity and end up having to shut down, leaving the carcass of what was once a thriving, almost living thing, to rot in solitude. Taking a look at these various situations really has to make you reminiscent to wonder exactly what things were like when a place like this was under a full head of steam.

This time, we check out a place where many great ones have set foot. At the North Wilkesboro Speedway, many of the highest billing NASCAR drivers have gotten behind the wheel and made their way around the track, participating in a battle of position to try to go home with what was once the NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship. However, just like others before them, as time goes on, the track would fall out of use and eventually become sort of a ghost town that’s left to be appreciated for nothing other than its historic value.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able see not only what this track looks like today as it has shut down and no longer functions but also learn a little bit about what it was like at its peak of performance and how the entire shutdown has managed to not only affect the track but also the community around it. There are a lot of things that you wouldn’t think about with something like this happening but sometimes, there’s simply nothing that you can do as appetites for adrenaline change and leave behind some collateral damage.

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