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What Happens if you Pour Liquid Nitrogen in Gasoline?

To people who are simple when it comes to science like most of us over here in the automotive journalism world, basic experiments like this might just blow your mind. I know that I was sitting here staring at this, completely entranced like a child in a candy store when I first saw it.

We watch as the one and only Crazy Russian Hacker carries out the simple task of combining liquid nitrogen and gasoline after taking a couple of safety precautions, of course, and the result is pretty mind-boggling.

It’s so satisfying to watch as the liquid nitrogen forms tiny little balls that become self-propelled after chemically reacting with the gasoline and rocket around in the mix until they run out of steam and die off. It really seems like everything that this guy comes up with has us watching with our jaws dropped like it’s the most complicated demonstration in the world.

Check out the video below that takes you inside of the experiment so that you can see it all for yourself. What is your favorite experience that you have seen go down with the use of liquid nitrogen? I feel like you see this substance used in experiments far and wide.