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What Happens when you Fill Tires with Concrete?

Each and every day, while tires might look the same to you as a consumer, the companies behind the rubber are always developing new technology and ways of helping your rubber to come into contact with the road that will make them more efficient in a whole variety of different ways whether it be tread life, resistance to different foreign objects that you might find in the road, or even something like performance in terms of gas mileage or grip. Each and every generation of tires is getting better and better and before we know it, we might even see something completely different and off-the-wall unfolding on tire racks near you.

In fact, for years, we’ve been seeing mumblings from various tire companies trying out different variations of tires that might not use air at all. For example, you might something like a honeycomb design with some spring behind it to replace the use of any air that might be thrown into the system. However, when you’re talking about the market for airless tires, I don’t think that anyone ever considered anything like this. That’s what YouTube is for, though, right? It’s all about exploring different possibilities even if they seem to be completely ridiculous.

In this one, we check out a video that takes the liberty of removing air from tires entirely and filling them up with concrete. How will the tires do with maintaining shape and efficiency? You would be inclined to think that this would be a failed experiment from the start, however, the concrete ends up holding together a lot longer than you might anticipate. In the long term, it’s obviously not going to be something that is a very feasible alternative to tires as we know them today, however, it surely is quite a joy to look at.