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What Happens When You Use PB Blaster As Fuel In A Diesel Engine? Let’s See What happens!

If there’s one thing that we have absolutely never wondered in our entire lives, it would definitely be what would have happened if we filled our gas tank with something like PB Blaster, a common penetrating oil. However, when a video is presented in front of us that shows just this action happening, it’s definitely something that we can’t look away from. If you happen to be a car enthusiast, you know that isn’t able to be burned ends up not being so good for your fuel system and your combustion chamber when it starts getting sprayed into an area where it supposed to be able to ignite, only to do nothing of the sort.

In this video, we get a load of what happens when the Project Farm YouTube channel, the same one responsible for doing all kinds of other wacky engine experiments, decides to fill up the gas tank of a diesel engine with a little bit of PB to see what exactly happens.

This set of circumstances is definitely not something that we would recommend emulating but it actually looks like the experiment is met with some moderate success. However, on the other hand, with something like this you can’t help but have that churning feeling in your stomach as you’re just waiting for that engine to lock up and call it quits!

Check out the video below as you see potential catastrophic failure looming on the horizon and can do nothing but sit back and wait for it to unfold. Just how long will it take before everything comes crashing down, that is if it comes crashing down? If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see just that. With these kinds of crazy experiments, you really can’t help but wonder what’s coming next.