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What Is It Like to Daily Drive a Super Truck? Ford F-150 Raptor R Good, Bad & Ugly Update!

These days, the realm of performance trucks is experiencing a very welcome surge of options for enthusiasts. In the past, this segment was either overlooked or lacked the fulfillment desired by its target market.

However, in recent years, the concept of performance pickup trucks has not only made a comeback but has ignited a fierce horsepower war among manufacturers with each trying to top the last in the name of making the most powerful option available.

For a while, it seemed that the Ford Raptor was the sole contender to meet the demands of this segment. Yet, Ram decided to enter the fray with the introduction of the Ram TRX, directly challenging the Raptor. Not only did it compete head-on, but it also offered something that Ford didn’t—a staggering amount of never before seen horsepower in a factory stock pickup.

With its 702 horsepower, the Ram TRX outclassed anything in the Raptor lineup, leaving Ford with a choice: either stick to their EcoBoost-powered trucks, which produced decent power but fell short of the 700+ mark, or retaliate with their own 700 horsepower offering.

Thus, the Ford Raptor R was born. Equipped with a high-output 5.2L supercharged engine, this pickup truck joined the exclusive 700 horsepower club.

While the allure of owning a high-horsepower pickup is certainly enticing, it’s important not to overlook the practicality of daily driving. After all, a vehicle of this caliber is likely to serve as a daily driver, so it’s crucial to consider whether it delivers a comfortable experience when you’re not pushing the pedal to the metal.

Traditionally, high-performance vehicles have been notorious for being challenging to handle in day-to-day situations. As we follow along with our hosts at The Fast Lane Truck, we have the opportunity to explore whether this modern, high-horsepower monster lives up to the expectations of a comfortable daily driver.