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This Straight Piped Ram TRX Sounds Absolutely Mental

Right out of the box, the Ram TRX seems to be a masterpiece of sorts. Complete with over 700 hp, the super truck really fills the void for those who have been looking to mix a bit of performance heritage into the pickup truck market.

As the model has been out a couple of years now, it has been received pretty well. However, there are some among us who seem to think that they could take the architecture of the TRX and make it even better. Some folks choose extreme modification to carry out this process as they have their own unique vision while others choose to lightly modify their trucks with the aim of complementing the machine as it is from the factory.

This time, we check in with the latter as one Ram TRX owner took it upon themselves to do a bit of exhaust work.

In this video from Exhaust Addicts, we check in with the “before and after” as it applies to a Ram TRX being straight piped. While maintaining factory catalytic converters, this truck loses a couple of pieces like the mufflers and x pipe. Meanwhile, the parts that were tossed to the side were replaced with 3-inch pipe basically all the way back to the tailpipes.

Below, we get to check in with the truck that already had a pretty aggressive sound from the factory but continues on to obtain an even more aggressive sound when some of the sound-deadening devices are removed from the exhaust. If this machine didn’t turn heads before, we most certainly think that it would now that it has a little bit louder voice. With a bit more rasp, we would think that bystanders may not only hear this thing but they might feel it as well as the TRX is loud and in charge!