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What Is It Like With Limo Tint On All Your Windows?

There are fewer modifications you can make to any car or truck that makes more difference for the money spent than window tint. While it obviously doesn’t help any on the performance side, getting some tint on the glass of any ride definitely looks better and usually you can have all the glass done in almost any ride for just a few hundred dollars.

There are laws in all fifty states that mandate what percentage of light transmission is required, although many motorists are either ignorant or willfully disobedient of the laws. This, of course, means they run the risk of being cited for their tint, but many simply don’t care. Residents of New Mexico have face the least-restrictive laws of all 50 states, with as dark as 20% tint allowed on all windows, while several states tie for the most restrictive by not even allowing tint on the front side windows. Most states do allow as dark as 35% on the front side windows and even darker on the rear windows, which are often tinted from the factory.

The guy in this video, YouTuber Reese Anderson, however, has taken tint to the extreme, and there’s no denying his truck looks damn good too. With limo tint all the way around except for the windshield, the truck’s windows look almost as if they’re painted black, giving the Chevy Silverado a clean appearance. The tint also protects the occupants from prying eyes while adding a layer of protection for the truck’s interior from the blistering Texas sun. Reese has a medical tint exemption that allows him to have tint darker than the law typically allows, but even that doesn’t exempt his windshield, which has 35% tint from top to bottom.

Check your laws before you tint, or don’t, but don’t say you weren’t warned that too dark is illegal and you can be cited for it, but it definitely looks great and keeps folks out of your business.