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What is the Deepest Hole that Humanity Could Possibly Dig?

One of the frontiers that we as humans are perpetually interested in is outer space. As we have only been able to explore what we presume is a fraction of what’s out there, it’s only natural to wonder what’s beyond the reach of humans and how far our technology allows us to travel. While there are endless planets out there to explore and discover, one of the universe’s greatest mysteries comes from Earth itself. That’s right, one of the biggest unknowns about exploration is sitting right underneath of your feet at this very moment.

This time, we take a look at some of the deepest holes on Earth including the deepest mine, the deepest hole that has been dug and still allows you to see the sky, and the deepest that we, as humans, have ever managed to dig at 7.7 miles deep. The Z44-Chavyo oil and gas well is the extent of where we’ve been able to travel into Earth and to put things in perspective for you, it’s only one-third of the way through the crust. In terms of making it all the way through the Earth, in other words, this means that we’ve merely thrown a pebble in the swimming pool to put things in perspective. Thanks to Incredible temperatures of 356°F, humans were forced to stop there and have not been deeper since.

Now, all through school, we’ve been taught about the different layers of the Earth and what they consist of but a video like this that explains the limitations of physically digging that really leaves you to wonder how much of that information is 100% true and what parts of the inner workings of this planet are different than the conceptualized models that we have all been taught off of. Check out the video below that will open up a new can of worms that shows you just how deep we have gone into this planet of ours and how much work we have to go through if we want to truly explore what’s at the center.

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