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What Makes Your Hot Rod Throw Flames – Explained

When it comes to hot rodding, there are many features of a car, some big and some small, that make your experience with an automobile a little bit more memorable. We all remember one car or another for various instances in which we’ve seen it.

Now, everybody can point out the obvious signs that make a car pop, like the color or aggressive angles, however, sometimes, small little details like the exhaust note or the way that your car crackles, pops, then spits little bit of fire out might be what really makes a big picture come together. After all, as they say, the devil is in the details.

One of thes small details that might grab your attention and blow you away is how a car might spit flames out of the exhaust and have that sort of afterburner effect. It might just have your mind stumbling over and wondering what it is that has this happening. While it might look cool, doesn’t it mean that the car is running with some sort of inefficiency? After all, there is some reason as to why your car is spitting out flames because it didn’t come like that from the factory, in most cases.

If you follow along down the video below, you get the rundown from the host over at Engineering Explained as he tells us exactly why this phenomenon comes about and if we should try to get rid of it. Now, the next time you’re rolling down the street and you spot a supercar that spits out a little bit of fire, you’ll be able to tell everybody exactly why that is. While it might seem like some things are pure coincidence, when you really start to break down the science, pretty much everything has its place and begins to make sense, at least in the automotive community.

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