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What You Never Knew About Hollywood’s Most Iconic Cars

Sometimes, in movies, the vehicles pictured will be even more popular than the actors and actresses themselves. It’s a rare occurrence but when it does happen, us gearheads tend to fall in love with these iconic TV and movie cars as they take over the big screen. You have seen them in a polished and finished product but this time, we check out a video that takes the liberty of taking us behind-the-scenes to tell us a little bit more about what some of these Hollywood polished machines are all about and how the people behind the movie made the rides appear in the way that they would end up showing on screen.

Let’s just say that, prior to working out that perfect finished product, things aren’t always as they would seem. Sure, when it comes to the movie or television show, the people behind it do their best to make sure that it looks like one cohesive unit with a single car doing all the stunts but, over here in reality, we learn that it’s not always so simple. Sometimes, there are different vehicles and multiple copies of each vehicle that go into making a single car shine. Other times, there might even be other hidden tricks that bring together a car to make it the icon that it has become.

Check out the video down below that takes you behind the scenes with some of the most iconic cars to ever hit the screen and learn a little bit about these hidden factors that brought them together to become the legends that they have amounted to. Whether you’re talking about the General Lee, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, or even the Ferrari Testarossa that you saw on screen in Miami Vice, many of these cars have some secrets that are pretty neat little Easter eggs to know about. With this information, you might never watch these movies in the same way again.