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What’s So Special About Mystichrome? Inside Ford’s Holy Grail of Paint

If you take a look across the landscape of collector cars, sometimes, an incredibly small or seemingly small feature will make a vehicle worth more or less money, one of these options that could bolster the value of a car is the color that the machine comes coated with as it’s one of the most obvious indicators of rarity. Now, when you think about some of the most iconic cars colors to have ever existed across the automotive landscape, those that might make a car worth a good amount of money, I don’t think that you can have that conversation without at least bringing up the topic of Mystichrome.

The color that was used to coat only the 2004 version of the Terminator Cobra and the coating is actually pretty expensive, about five times more expensive than your average paint to be exact. Why does it cost so much money? Due to the paint’s construction, the results that ends up on your car is pretty interesting to take a look at as, instead of simply projecting a single color to your eye, depending on what angle you look at the paint from and how the sun hits it, the color can change between several tones of green, blue, purple, and black as it provides a party for your senses.

As it turns out, Ford is actually pretty passionate about this paint as the video below will describe to you when it tells us that, if you end up having an issue with an original Mystichrome car, they actually will fly out to your body shop to make sure that everything is right when the repair work is done. Also, no paint is left to waste as the remnants from your respray will be taken back to headquarters where it will be stored for the sake of making sure that other Mystichrome cars survive just as they were when they came out of the box at the factory. It’s actually a pretty interesting story about a pretty interesting color so be sure to tune in below and tell us what you think about how hardcore Ford takes this coating.


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