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When An Automotive Loving Friend Passes Away, This Is The Send Off We Hope For!

For many of us within the car community, we find ourselves in a position where said community has become truly intertwined with our lives. One scroll down the Facebook newsfeed for many would indicate that the vast majority of our relationships might be fellow car fans. In turn, in the morning, we wake up and work all day, only to come home and spend that money on more car parts. Maybe, we even have our eye on something special that we’re saving up for to add another vehicle to the garage. Basically, what we’re getting at is that the love of the automobile might not just be a passion but could instead be an entire lifestyle. It’s quite easy to have it relate to every activity that we take part in.

This time, apparently, that lifestyle would include being sent off to the afterlife. It would only be appropriate for somebody who had spent their whole life being involved in the racing community to also be sent off with something that involves racing. In this one, we checked in with a VINWiki video that outlines exactly that as a group of friends had decided that they wanted to send off their buddy in the most appropriate way possible. After being cremated, they would take his ashes to the track and scatter them in one of the turns.

It might’ve taken a little bit of finesse and some sweet talking but at the end of the day, the experience ended up being one of the best sendoffs that we could possibly imagine. We just have to warn any racing fanatic who tunes into this one. It might just be a little bit of a tear jerker. As our interviewee here puts it, the experience seems like a true tribute to a car life lived to the fullest!