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When You, and Your Friends Build A Track In The Backyard, There Is Only One Way To Pack It In!

I’m not 100% sure what this track was built for, but I have to give these guys credit for packing this back yard with an insane course, regardless of what it’s intended purpose is.

I can toss a couple of guesses out there as to what this track will be used for, and I think it’s almost certainly one of the two. My first guess was that this course will be used for radio controlled cars, trucks and buggies. This looks like an insanely technical course for RC racing, one that will require insane concentration and skill from the drivers to navigate, possibly too technical for the drivers to be able to navigate from outside the cars.

That leads to my second guess, that the track was built for BMX racing. While it may be a bit cramped for more than a couple of riders to try to navigate at the same time, the course does look to be pretty much the exact right size for BMX’rs and their smaller-framed bikes to put in work. I’m still far from certain, but I can only think of one other possible use for the course, and there’s a quick hint right at the beginning of the video.

Small-displacement quads and dirt bikes would also be a lot of fun on a course like this. Something in the 50cc range would be small enough to not overpower the track and end up jumping over the fence or something crazy, while still providing plenty of power for attacking the track and having a lot of fun.

Whatever the use ends up being, it looks like it will be a lot of fun for the races who are competing. Of course, before anybody can hit the track, the dirt has to be packed down, and what better way to do that than putting your buddies to work. With a quad and several cruisers on hand, these guys are doing their part to make sure the track is in tip-top shape for the races, which we have to assume are coming soon.