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Who All Will Answer Stevie Jackson’s Call Out For Lights Out 10?

Lights Out 10 is right around the corner and radial legend Steve “Stevie Fast” Jackson is ready to make some waves, along with a few callouts, for the biggest small tire race on the planet. Jackson, who has long been known as the best smack talker in the game, will have his baby, Shadow 2.0, back on small tires and ready to line up with anybody who wants to grab a lane, and as only Stevie can, he’s put together a little video to outline exactly who can get some if they’re feeling scrappy.

To prove he’s swinging the biggest stick on the property, Stevie pretty much calls out everybody who is planning on showing up. He starts by calling out anybody who’s ever qualified #1 at one of promoter Donald Long’s races but then opens that callout up to anybody who has ever made the field period. With 32 cars on the ladder at each race, that’s a huge number of competitors that Jackson says he’s willing to lock in with, but he’s not done yet. If you’ve ever failed to qualify, or even wanted to qualify for a Duck race, you can get you some too. All you have to do is step up and put some money on the line, and you can lock in a race.

He then calls out anybody who has ever won one of Duck’s races, a list that certainly contains some of the most elite radial racers in the world. Also, if you’ve ever lost one of Duck’s races, or even thought about winning one, you’re welcome to grab a lane beside the Shadow. Stevie says it doesn’t matter if you have a nitrous combo, a supercharger or a turbo, or even if you have a naturally aspirated combo, you can get some too. Small blocks, big blocks, and Hemis, or any kind of block that has pistons, you can get a piece of the Shadow.

What it boils down to, if you’re Radial vs the World legal and you’re coming to Lights Out 10 next month, you can lock in with Stevie, put up some money, and put it in the beams. There aren’t many racers in any niche of drag racing that have the balls to call out their entire class, but that is exactly what Jackson is doing. Now the question is, who will jump on the chance to make themselves famous and pull into the water box beside THE Stevie Fast? We’ll find out soon enough!


Take your time, talk about grudge racing at ducks races, who all has locked in (Haney, and Little Country I believe) Talk Past grudge races he’s done etc, maybe add the rules for RvW and what he means by that