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Who Chooses What Tow Truck Hauls Away Accident Vehicles?

When it comes to towing, there seems to be innumerous grey areas that could potentially leave the person getting towed in the dark on what to do, costing them both time and money that they didn’t need to spend.

When you add the stress that comes with being an accident to such a situation, the correct answer on how to act becomes even more of a blur.

This time, we check out what happens when you want to use a cheaper alternative for towing when you can’t drive your car, but the police have their company ready to move your wrecked car out of the way.

Do you have the right to refuse the tow service? Can the police tell you that your car must be towed by their company and stick you with the bill?

The video below attempts to shed some light on the situation so that should you ever find yourself here, you’ll know exactly what to do. Do you agree with the way that incidents like this are handled?

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