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Who Knew Laying Asphalt Was So Satisfying?

Sometimes, there might be events that you find it rather satisfying for some reason and can’t really put a finger on why exactly that is. They might just strike you in the exact right way as to hit a nerve and give you this feeling that you just can’t look away from what’s going on. This time, we dive into one of those obscure events that manages to grab your attention and won’t release it. It might sound rather odd but follow us here because this is something that will nab the next couple of minutes of your life and you won’t exactly understand why but may just want to watch it happen twice!

This time, such a phenomenon comes about from the process of laying down asphalt. There’s just something about how smoothly this stuff spreads and fills in the cracks that will have you watching this worker’s every move and waiting to see what he does next! After all of the asphalt is laid in place, the painting machine comes out and lays down some crispy white lines that are just about as satisfying to watch lay down as they provide such a stark contrast with the fresh asphalt that has just been given life beneath them.

Check out the video below that shows the tool in action and tell us if this one reaches deep down inside and strikes that nerve with you. Afterward, be sure to share another experience of an experience that you found to be entrancing like this one and couldn’t exactly explain why. Perhaps another satisfying example of such a phenomenon is this wall grooving machine that cuts perfect designs in a brick wall. There’s no telling why something like this can grab your attention and hold it for seemingly no reason at all but hey, we aren’t questioning the magic!

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