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Who Knew There Were So Many Battery Life Hacks?

If you’ve never caught the Mr. Gear YouTube channel, allow us to explain. Basically, what it’s all about is either creating obscure experiments and watching them unfold on screen or coming up with handy little inventions that you may just find to be of use in a real-life scenario. We can’t necessarily say that we would really find the need to try very many of these little life hacks as most of them can be accomplished by simply purchasing another inexpensive tool and saving yourself the hassle but watching the projects come together is still pretty neat.

This time, we’re checking said creativity as it’s put to the test to see exactly how it’s possible to take some common household items, combine them with batteries, and transform them into different apparatuses that could be used in place of heading out to the store and spending that hard earned money on some sort of tool or other device, if you should choose to go this route instead.

This time, the inventions range from a magnet to a battery holder and just about everything in between that really might just make you question what the creator was thinking of when these ideas came to his head. Some of them are out in left field, to say the least!

Check out the video below to get the chance to dive into this set of unique inventions and be sure to tell us if you see yourself trying out any of these. Which of the bunch pops out as having the most potential to be of assistance without causing too much trouble in the construction process? I’m not sure if any of these could be used regularly but if you’re in a pinch, who knows? You might just find something her that could really come in handy.

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