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Who Needs a Shovel?! This Guy Thought He Didn’t, But…

It’s no secret that Subaru builds some pretty capable cars. Their all-wheel drive system is incredible and allows their cars to do things many other cars can’t do. Not too long ago, in fact, a video of a stock Subie climbing a massive sand dune went viral, showing the world just how impressive these cars are, even in stock configuration.

However, just because they can do a lot, doesn’t mean they can do everything, as you can see in this short clip from YouTuber imprezin04, who walked out one morning to his car covered in a massive pile of snow and decided to just try to drive the car out instead of wasting time with a shovel.

He started his mission by clearing a path to the car and cleaning off the door and part of the windshield, then fired up the car and began the process of turning his 1996 Impreza wagon into its own snowplow. It’s slow going at first, and it really doesn’t get any better. The driver does everything right, from easing into the throttle at first, then working his way up to more throttle, and backing up a few times to get a bit of a running start at the huge mound of snow that’s accumulated around his car.

However, he soon realizes the effort is futile, eventually just ending the video and digging the car out by hand to keep from pushing his car too hard and causing damage from trying to move too much snow with the front of his car.

It’s okay, Subaru faithful. We know your cars are impressive, we just know there’s only so much they can do. There are few vehicles in the world, especially cars, that could have gotten out of this mess, so we are definitely blown away that this car was even able to move at all.

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