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Who Will Be #1 in the 405 After The Last List Race of the Season?

It’s not the season finale, but it looks like there will be plenty of drama on tonight’s episode of Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel.

Tonight mark’s the final list race of the season, so of course, everybody wants to step up and prove they’re the rightful head to wear the crown, riding off into the offseason as the top of the most famed Top 10 list in the nation. With several months between seasons, it’s a bit of a lucrative deal to end the season at the top, as that can be parlayed into making paid appearances at tracks and even’t across the country during the offseason.

All of that aside, though, the main prize with going into the offseason as the champ is obviously bragging rights. With nothing to do but sit around and talk about next season, who wouldn’t want to be the man who can say, at any point in the discussion, “Oh, by the way guys, how does my crown look. Today?”

We’ve seen the top spot change hands already this season, and now four of the fastest and most feared cars in the 405 are gong to face off in a shootout for the top spot.

You have Chuck, who ended last season as number one in his twin turbo Mustang known as Death Trap. You have Daddy Dave in Goliath, his ProCharged Chevy II that is always a threat to take the top spit. Ryan Martin in the twin turbocharged Fireball Camaro is the third competitor, and of course Big Chief in his boosted GTO Judge known as the Crow. Each of these cars have proven time and again that they’re worthy of the top spot, and tonight they duke it out and see who among them is the man.

Also, there’s some drama about Reaper. Nothing new there, but it looks pretty important, although I literally have no idea what the concerns are. We’ll just have to watch the show and  find out together!

Photo credit – 405 Photo