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Wicked Stick Shift C10 Pickup is Powered by Supercharged Hellcat Engine

The Chevrolet C10 pickup truck is certainly a platform that has grown in popularity a lot recently. It seems like gearheads have really gravitated toward the big old boxy pickup trucks. We have seen these things through all sorts of different perspectives and with different powerplants under the hood. The LS community, in particular, absolutely loves them.

What we haven’t seen to this point, though, is a C10 with Hellcat power. As time goes on and the Hellcat architecture gets some years behind it, this is one of the swaps we think may become popular. These days, though, it’s still a pretty expensive combination to get going. Therefore, when we see it put together just right, it’s definitely something that will make us stop and turn our heads.

Just by looking at the C10 alone, not considering the power source, it’s worthy of admiration. This thing looks like it belongs on a showroom floor. However, when we toss in the power source of this modern-meets-classic beast, it really goes over the top. When we tell you about the fact that has a Tremec six-speed transmission, things get even more intense.

If there’s one thing that enthusiasts look for in their custom builds, it’s the unique factor. Being unique might be what this old school Chevy does best! You could look far and wide over the massive landscape of custom builds. We highly doubt that you would find another Hellcat-powered stick shift Chevy pickup truck like this in the world.

By following along with the Autotopia video below, we get up close and personal with the custom build. As usual, the YouTube channel does a great job of giving us the ins and outs along with taking us for a test drive. One of the best parts of this combination is when the throttle is cracked open and we get to hear that sweet supercharger whine.

As a truck fan, I might be a little bit biased but this is definitely a build that sent a chill down my spine. – srtc10