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Wild Creation! Street Bike Converted to Snowmobile Hits the Lake

With enough knowledge, the right set of tools, and a vision in mind, just about anybody can accomplish anything with a little bit of a deft touch. This means that no matter how obscure your thoughts might be in terms of what kind of mechanical mayhem you can create, if you’re really determined to get to that end goal and have a clear vision in mind of how exactly it’s all going to work, with enough willpower, you can manage to find a way to get there. I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing here as somebody created something that is a sort of Frankenstein of multiple vehicles patched together that looks like a whole bunch of fun.

On the surface, the original appearance of this machine might be a lot to grasp because it’s not exactly something that we would consider traditional. Instead, it looks like somebody has taken a street bike and parts from a snowmobile, merged them together, and made them the ultimate off-road toy but not the way that you would think.

If you were to hear about the snowmobile meets motorcycle combination, you would think that this thing would be taken off-road in the snow, however, this individual decides instead to blast straight off the dry ground and go for a ride on the lake, blasting around and managing to keep the machine afloat for as long as possible while reaching some pretty crazy speeds to keep it skimming atop the water.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to get a first person ride along as this crazy machine puts in work, showing that it can play with the big boys. Even though this idea seems pretty crazy, I guess that, in practice, when it all panned out, it was just crazy enough to work!