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Wild Fiesta Shocks Hellcat, Corvette, And More (World’s Fastest Fiesta!)

Ford Fiesta ST Destroys Hellcat's Existence

In the world of racing, one lesson that we’ve learned is to expect the unexpected. Just when we thought we had something figured out, there’s always a surprise that comes at us from left field. Whether it’s grandma’s church mobile or maybe a vehicle that was originally designed for fuel economy, we can truly never really know what exactly it is that’s going to be fast. In the sleeper community, racers will build vehicles with the sole purpose of surprising folks. After all, it’s a ton of fun to be able to go out there and watch something go fast that nobody would expect.

This time, “expected” is the last word that we would use to describe the situation. The featured vehicle here is none other than a Ford Fiesta. Yes, it’s the exact car that you’re thinking of. The Fiesta might’ve been designed to be a little brother to the Ford Focus. This means that the car that was already designed for fuel efficiency would be pushed even further in that direction. Sure, this is the Fiesta ST which means that it’s a slightly more sporty version but horsepower monster? No way! However, when Chris Good and the team over at Good Guys Automotive & Performance in Naples, Florida got their hands on it, things wouldn’t exactly point toward fuel economy, after all.

By following along with the BigKleib34 clip down below, we get to watch the unlikely hero go toe-to-toe with a variety of impressive opponents. When Ford started slapping ST badges on all sorts of models, we could see how it would be hard to be optimistic about the future of these cars and SUVs. It seems like at least in Chris’s world, though, one Fiesta has some major juice behind it. From what we’ve been told, Chris actually plans on taking this car even further. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he hasn’t been able to use his nitrous just yet. When he does, though, we’d be inclined to think it’s going to be a pretty big party!