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Wild Turbocharged 2jZ In An E30 BMW

If there’s one thing that we can’t help but love, it’s a good old fashion engine swap. There’s nothing like seeing one of our favorite cars rolling around in the streets, only to find out that it has an uncommon heart transplant with one of our favorite engines. This mixing together of styles is as much of an art as it is a science. Not only will a well executed engine swap yield a ton of power to have fun with. It might also end with a creation that’s going to draw the eyes of many as they wonder how exactly you shoehorned that power plant into that chassis.

This time, we check out a car that is as unique and powerful as it is good looking. The car in question started out life as a BMW E30. However, all of these years later, the Bavarian machine has added a little bit of spice to the equation. Under the hood, we find none other than the iconic 2JZ. This is good for some major power as the turbocharged power plant has the car making some serious mustard.

In order to check out the machine, we take a trip to the streets of Panama with the crew from That Racing Channel. With the feature, we get up close and personal with what might just be one of the most unique E30 BMWs to ever exist. When we top it off with the fact of the car is sporting a pretty aggressive widebody, the build is tied together with a cherry on top.

Down below, we get to witness the car firsthand, riding along in a machine that is nothing short of brutal. Even though we are simply watching a video, we can practically feel the G-Forces coursing through our veins as the driver lays in to the throttle and really has a nice little rip behind the wheel here.