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Wild Video, Truck Slams Into Ambulance Carrying Patients

On Sunday in Los Angeles, a truck collided head-on with an ambulance, which was carrying two patients at the time. The incident, captured on video by TMZ, occurred at a Culver City intersection, where traffic had come to a halt as the ambulance approached. Suddenly, the silver truck appeared, crashing into the side of the ambulance without warning.

The impact caused the ambulance to sway, but it remained sturdy enough to withstand the forceful collision. Unfortunately, the truck suffered extensive damage to its front end as a result of the crash. According to the Culver City Police Department, the truck driver sustained minor injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Credit TMZ

Additionally, the two patients inside the ambulance also suffered minor injuries and received medical attention. Following the accident, police closed off the surrounding streets to conduct a thorough investigation. Despite the severity of the collision, authorities did not make any arrests at the scene.

Fortunately, there were no additional injuries requiring the dispatch of another ambulance.

Check out the video obtained by TMZ