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Will a Gas Engine Run Entirely on SeaFoam with no Gasoline?

Normally, when it comes to your gas tank, all that you want to put into it is gasoline. Well, at least that was true until they started producing additives that you could put into your gas tank that would be sprayed through your entire fuel system, eliminating the grime and buildup so that you could have the cleanest path for your fuel to be delivered from the tank all the way to the injector where it would eventually would be thrust into the combustion chamber to be a ignited and provide you with the most efficient burn possible, really making sure that your engine is ticking properly. Now, while these products don’t seem to do harm to your engine, it’s also been widely debated if they actually help or do anything at all.

This time, we check out something that we wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing but watching it unfold in front of us is quite interesting. The Project Farm YouTube channel comes through yet again with one of these off-the-wall experiments to test out just that, completely draining the gasoline from a small combustion engine and replacing it entirely with Seafoam. To be honest, we shouldn’t have been as excited as we were but ended up being on the edges of our seats here in the Speed Society offices, waiting to see exactly what would happen next.

Theoretically, if Seafoam is able to burn like gasoline, which it would if you put it in the tank, you would think that it would make your engine run on its own, maybe not as well as it normally would with proper fuel, but that’s exactly what we are about to find out. This could go in so many ways ranging from a small explosion all the way to the engine filling up and not running at all. It really leads you to be put on edge to figure out what exactly is going to happen next. Tune in with the video below as you’re walked through the experiment before the moment of truth comes to life.