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Will it Run After 81 Years? – 1929 GMC Truck

There are some things that have been hanging around in this world, defying the passage of time as we swear might just never die. This sentiment is particularly evident when we stumble upon YouTube videos showcasing skilled individuals breathing life back into long-abandoned machines that have weathered the elements for decades.

In this instance, the spotlight falls on a GMC truck from 1929 a vehicle that has been around for almost a century. Its new owner, known as Jennings Motor sports on YouTube, reveals that it has been sitting idle for over 80 years, having been parked outdoors since the 1940s.

Although the exact reason for its demise remains a mystery, our host employs deductive reasoning to suggest that the truck was likely running when it was last parked. Driven by this belief, he takes it upon himself to attempt the revival of this relic of times past.

In the video, we witness the first-ever overhead valve six-cylinder Chevrolet engine, an engineering marvel that proves its remarkable resilience even after years of neglect. However, the toll of time isn’t completely absent, with the truck succumbing to considerable rust. Underneath the hood, nests crafted by various creatures have made this neglected machine their home. Nevertheless, armed with basic parts and a wealth of knowledge, our host helps the old engine roar back to life once more.

Observing this restoration, one cannot help but wonder if this serves as a testament to the adage, “They just don’t make them like they used to.” These older engines, when properly cared for, appear to possess an almost invincible quality, refusing to give up.

So, what is your take on this super old truck that revs to life once again? Is it a testament to manufacturing from the old days or do you think vehicles from 2023 will be revived 100 years from now?