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GMC Photoshopped a Competitor’s Image and Re-released it, The Internet Found Out

Well, this is awkward.

A rather embarrassing situation was pointed out by Twitter user, @allcarnews, this past week, which shows a General Motors released image that appears to have used an already released image from a newly formed competitor, Rivian. When placed side-by-side it’s rather obvious that someone in the General Motors marketing or art department decided that they wanted to take the easy way out, simply using a little Photoshop magic to cover up the Rivian R1T with the new GMC Sierra Denali EV.

To make matters even worse, the poster goes on to zoom in on the image that they claimed to grab from the verified @generalmotorsdesign Instagram account, showcasing the fact that the Photoshop job wasn’t even very good.

As you might’ve imagined, the post has since been removed but the internet sleuth behind it made sure to grab a screenshot with the aim of confirming the post’s validity.

We’re no design experts but this unfortunate post raised another topic outside of the alleged photo thievery. People who took a look at the images right next to one another also noticed that the GMC vehicle pictured also shares a variety of traits with the Rivian. From the vehicle’s overall profile to the mirror design, it really feels like a copy and paste job. Hopefully, this is just an example of an intern getting a little bit lazy and we aren’t facing a case of a major corporation stealing the work of the little guy who is trying to find their place in the landscape.

Some might recall a story from last year that had General Motors interested in purchasing a stake in Rivian. However, the deal fell through and Ford would take the opportunity to become one of the EV truck maker’s biggest investors alongside Amazon.