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Will It Run After DECADES? ABANDONED Big Block 4×4 Ford!

When we see just what some old school engines are capable of, we can’t help to be impressed. All around the automotive section of YouTube, we find creators who attempts to bring forgotten about vehicles back to life. Many times, these cars and trucks will be left, sitting in fields or behind the garage, only to be reclaimed by mother nature as the owner does nothing to save the vehicle that might not even be worth saving to most people.

This time, we check in with an old-school Ford pickup truck that features a big block V8 that has seen better days. Now, this truck has most certainly been left for dead as our host, Dylan McCool, proclaims. However, he’s going to approach the truck with an open mind, trying to bring the machine back to life again.

The challenge here is that we are told that the old school Ford has been submerged in water and definitely has quite a bit of rust to show for it. This includes the inside of the engine that is all slugged up and corroding from within. However, that doesn’t stop McCool from trying to crack into the power plant to see exactly what’s going on and if he can make it breathe once again.

In the video below, not only do we get treated to a storyline that has a good bit of suspense as we await the moment of truth to see if the truck will run or not. We also get the opportunity to see how exactly a mechanic’s mind works as they go through an engine like this. While your particular application might not be rusted from the inside out, a video like this could certainly serve to offer a ton of knowledge to somebody who’s interested in working on old cars.