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Will It RUN AND DRIVE after 20+ years? Turbo Buick Grand National!

For many enthusiasts, it’s incredibly exciting to think about the world of barn finds. One never knows exactly what kind of cars are lurking out there just waiting to be found or what kind of condition they might be in. For those who are out and about looking, there could be an absolute gem of a machine in great condition just waiting for somebody to stumble upon it as it’s been laying under a cover of dust for decades.

This time, the machine in question is one of the biggest cult classics of the 1980s. Back when General Motors decided it wanted to tinker around with turbochargers in a high-performance application for the first time, the Buick Grand National was born. In its day, it seemed as if this machine was way ahead of its time and as the years went on, this foresight created a ride that would go down as an iconic part of automotive history.

All of these years later and this particular model is bringing some big bucks on the auction block so finding one in good shape is kind of a huge deal!

This time, we tune in with a video that takes us on an adventure with Vice Grip Garage as our host finds a Grand National that he thinks has been sitting for over 20 years. The cool part about a video like this is that it not only addresses the find itself. Sure, we get to go through the car in the video, checking out the machine and what kind of condition it’s in along with confirming that it’s a real Grand National and not some sort of clone.

The part that differentiates videos from Vice Grip Garage from other creators is that the rest of the video dives into actually trying to get this thing up and running once again. It’s not a barn find that’s pulled off into a garage and put out of sight. Instead, we get to start to finish on if this thing will be roadworthy or not all in one video.

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