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Heads Turn as Boat is Transformed Into the Ultimate Drift Machine

Just when we thought that we had seen it all, the internet pops up and shocks us again. Let’s just say that where there’s a will, there’s a way and all it takes to get the job done is a little bit of ingenuity to connect the dots along with a willingness to see things through to the finish line.

This time, we find a clip without too much context but what we see within is definitely plenty to keep us hooked. Right from the get-go, it appears as if somebody underwent a ton of work in order to create what might just be the most unique drifting machine that we have ever seen hit the track.

When somebody claims that they know someone who “drives a boat,” generally, it refers to a car that is rather large. In this particular situation, though, one drifter has actually managed to get behind the wheel of a real boat and get it rolling on pavement. It’s not just that which has earned so much attention, though. Instead, the person behind the wheel here actually manages to maneuver this unique creation pretty skillfully. It would be impressive enough to just see a boat driving along on the street but knowing that this one is able to be slung sideways in a crazy drift routine makes it all that much cooler to watch.

By following along with the video below, you might just find that your jaw hits the floor.

Not only did the individual behind this build execute on a high level but we have to say that the creativity here is simply unmatched. Hopefully, the individual responsible for the creation also found a way to make it street legal because we would absolutely love to see the faces of people who might lay their eyes on something like this rolling down the highway or pulling up to the local car show.

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