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Woman Breaks Into Impound Lot, Steals A Truck, And Runs Over Tow Truck Driver

Woman Breaks Into Impound Lot, Steals A Truck, And Runs Over Tow Truck Driver

Getting a vehicle towed certainly isn’t a good time. Whether it’s because of repossession or some sort of parking infraction, nobody wants to go through this process. On the other hand, though, there’s a very good reason why towing companies exist. After all, parking laws exist for a reason. Furthermore, if someone isn’t paid for their automobile, they have every right to go and get it back.

However, no matter how frustrating this is or how helpless a person might feel, there is a proper way to handle it all. We probably wouldn’t recommend breaking into the tow yard and trying to steal your vehicle back. No matter what way we slice it, that’s something that’s probably almost always going to end up poorly.

In this particular situation, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what prompted what the video shows. Portland-area police are on the lookout for the pair of people responsible, though. Incredibly clear security footage below shows a woman and an older man attempting to break into the towing yard. After they struggle to get the gate open, the woman shimmies underneath before finding what we presume to be her truck.

In the amount of time that this took to happen, apparently, one of the workers for the tow yard had been alerted. Even after he showed up, though, the woman was determined to get out of the yard.

From there, we watch a downright crazy situation unfold as she plows through the gate. Even with a person and another vehicle on the other side, this driver was determined. The man would go flying and was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive, though.

The pickup truck the woman stole is a charcoal-colored 2016 Ford F-150 with a bed cap. Attached is license plate number 628JPG. Anyone with info should call Detective Nathan Moore at (503) 823-0693 in reference to case number 20-48998.


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