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Woman breaks world speed record by riding a bicycle at 147 Mph


Photo: Project Speed

When it comes to driving a car, we would say that only an overwhelming minority of people have ever managed to reach 140 mph. That speed is basically like a rocket ship to many who only use their wheels for regular commuting back and forth to the place that pays the bills.

Now, just imagine taking that speed not only on two wheels, but the two wheels of a bicycle to boot. If you want to talk about scary, this is it. It’s a lot more complex than your childhood Huffy, but it’s still a bicycle nonetheless.

In an attempt to break the land speed record for a bicycle, Denise Mueller would set out on here two-wheeled machine built by Chris Garcia of SD Wheel Works with technical support from Da Vinci Designs and KHS Bicycles, Velonews tells us. When the nuts and bolts are broken down, you can see how badass of a machine this bicycle really is.

“The bike has an elongated frame, steering stabilizers, a BodyFloat isolation seatpost to dampen vibrations and harmonics, as well as custom-built 17-inch dragster wheels with shaved tires. Perhaps the most impressive feature, however, is the bike’s two massive 60-tooth chainrings in a double-reduction or speed-multiplier system that allows Mueller to pedal at a normal cadence (approximately 102 RPM) while riding at 147 mph.” -Velonews

She was able to accomplish the record thanks to the help of a lead car that would tow the bike to about 90 mph, leaving the rest to Mueller’s legs and an insane gear ratio.


Photo: Project Speed

If you should ever have the opportunity to travel at nearly 150 mph in your life, just side of you and imagine a bicycle pacing your ride because that’s precisely what we witness here.