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Wonder How Your Ski Boat Was Made? Here’s the Behind the Scenes at Tigé Boats With Alex Laughlin

Those among us who are more mechanically inclined may have wondered exactly how certain things are made upon seeing them go to work. When we approach the lake or other body of water with a bunch of boats ripping around, maybe some of these mechanically folks have wondered exactly how the vessels originally came together.

After all, there are some pretty amazing designs these days that pack a lot of features into a good-looking boat. How exactly do the companies behind them figure out a way to build these boats so precisely?

This time, we get to see exactly that as NHRA star, Alex Laughlin, is getting a ski boat built for himself. In order to bring his dream vessel to life, Laughlin would enlist the help of Tigé Wake Boats to get his hands on their Z3 model.

One of the cool things about purchasing this model is that just about everything that you see can be customized. From color variations all the way to the audio system and even the upholstery, we see lots of customization to really make something like this feel a lot more personal.

So, what kind of secret spice is invested in the background that makes this Tigé Z3 come to life?

Down in the video below, Laughlin shows off the side of things where a little bit of elbow grease and TLC is invested in order to make the boat a piece of artwork. At the end of the day, this process is one that comes on the heels of lots of innovation and development. Along the way, each building block has been put in place in order to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible so that the finished product can be a gem.

If you were to order your own Z3, how would you outfit it to hit the water?


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