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Worker Destroys Building Lobby with Construction Equipment, Claims Say “Unpaid Wages”

Depending on who you ask, there are certainly different ways to handle a given situation. On one hand, most are familiar with somebody in their life who is a little bit more of a hot head than most. On the other hand, perhaps, we all have that one friend who is able to see through a situation and pick out the best possible course of action as to not cause collateral damage. Even though we never really want to see the former in that hot-headed friend go off in the heat of the moment, sometimes, it ends up being pretty hard to deny that seeing them wreak havoc is certainly hard to look away from as they go through their motions.

This time, the scene of the action is none other than a job site and what would go down is nothing short of incredible to watch. The crash and burn is something that is hard to look away from as allegedly, one worker had not been paid up for his services on time. Instead of taking it up in a litigious way, perhaps going after the wages in small claims court, he went haywire. Video posted by Tom Mousdell as captured by his father immerses us in the moment as the angered worked would drive a small piece of equipment through the lobby of the building that they’ve been working on, taking out everything that he possibly could find from flooring to walls and everything in between. When all was said and done, he would hop out of the piece of equipment and make a run for it.

The video below captures the entire situation as the worker certainly caused a lot more damage than the alleged £600 worth of wages which were what he was owed. At the end of the day, this is certainly going to make one heck of a court battle as we’re sure both sides here are probably fuming after all the dust settled on that day.