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Worlds Fastest Postman Pat MINIATURE Van

Worlds Fastest Postman Pat MINIATURE Van 

Generally, drag racing builds consist of a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or some other common racecar with tons of available go-fast parts. This build takes a veer into left field though as it’s much different than anything we’ve ever seen.

The miniature van, not to be mistaken with a mini van is piloted by the one known as “Postman Pat.” This thing is about the size of a Power Wheels, but that doesn’t stop it from tackling big goals!

Check out the video below as the overpowered go-kart attempts to hit 100mph gold in the quarter mile. With the recent additions of an air shifter and wheelie bars, they get super close but we think that a bottle of nitrous will put them over the top!


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