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World’s Largest RC Airliner for Indoor Flight! Airbus A320

This massive Airbus model aircraft seems to defy physics as it cruises slowly around this exhibition hall. How does such a large RC plane stay aloft at such low speeds? It’s obviously magic.

Okay, maybe it’s not magic so much as extremely lightweight plastic construction and precision flying that allow this Airbus A320 model to remain in the air as the crowd below watches in awe. I can’t help but wonder if the plane lack’s paint because that would add too much weight and make it harder to fly indoors? It seems likely even an ounce or two could affect the balance between lift and thrust required to attain flight.

It should come as not surprise that this exhibition is taking place in Stuttgart Germany, as the Germans are well known for their precision and attention to detail, as well as pushing the boundaries of what is possible in manufacturing. Well played, Germans! This is certainly an impressive display of magic, errr, lightweight materials and precision flying.

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