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World’s Quickest Wagon Throws Down With the Fastest Imports on the Planet

Every year, the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals brings some serious cars to the table. Among them, we see a little bit of everything. As we peered over the landscape, though, we can’t say that we saw more than one wagon. The Chevrolet Malibu that made its way out to Maryland International Raceway would prove to be the stuff that dreams are made of. In fact, as far as we’re concerned, this thing is the quickest to get down the quarter-mile, as well.

As far as eliminations went, things went rather roughly for Eric Kenward. The changing conditions would prove to be a challenge. In addition, the class was a rather stacked one. Upon hearing his take on the event, though, it seemed like he was out there shooting for a personal best. If a takedown would happen, we’re sure that it would’ve been more than welcome. Eric seemed to have his expectations for competing rooted on the conservative side, though. The X275 vs Hot Rod class that he found himself in was rather deep. In fact, there were several competitors who would surge their way handily into the 6s.

This time, the challenge was on as the wagon continuously delivered some strong passes. While the journey didn’t take the Malibu into the 6s where the goal would reside, we did get to see some incredible passes. In fact, we would even get to see the front wheels hanging in the air as Kenward would help the wheelie wagon live up to its nickname.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get to retrace the steps of the wagon as it surged through the cold winter air. 6-second pass or not, this thing is a ton of fun to watch. While the tried and true exist at the top for a reason, there’s something special about trying something different like this. It’s not often that we see this type of power stuffed under the hood of a wagon! Follow BigKleib34 on Facebook!

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