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“World’s Toughest Motorcycle Lock” vs. Ramset

All over the web, we see different videos that attempt to take down various locks, trying out different methods that will attempt to destroy the technology, calling for lock manufacturers to step their game up and make a better product. We have seen everything from the use of liquid nitrogen to soda cans to attempt to destroy or open locks and this time, we check out yet another method to see how a Ramset powder actuated nail gun will do the job. I guess that the idea here is to try and figure out which lock is the strongest of the strong by putting it through tests like this.

In this particular demonstration, we take a look at what this uploader advertises as the “world’s toughest motorcycle lock” to see if it can withstand a blow from this heavy duty tool. The tool is such a powerhouse that the company that sells it says that they’re required to put you through a series of tests to license you to use it. After a little bit of a rundown of exactly what’s going on and why this lock is supposed to be superior or inferior to its competition, we get down to business, seeing just how the Ramset is able to deal with the locking mechanism.

Follow along with the video below that attempts to break down the device, deciphering whether or not it’s something that you should use to protect your valuables, in this case, a motorcycle. After watching how this test unfolded, be sure to tell us what you think of the steps they put this thing through to make sure that it could stand up to different outside forces that would threaten the lock itself. I don’t think that, at the end of the day, a locking mechanism like this would really provide much other than a deterrent but if you want it to stand up to insane pressure, these tests definitely help to show how far it’ll go.

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