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The Worst Tire Fails We Have Ever Seen! Compilation!

Posted by: Jose Corona on January 22, 2020

Tire fails are always fun, as long as they aren’t happening to you! This video is full of fails, all of them related to our favorite black rubber rings and the amazing ways they can fail. From blowouts to ballooned sidewalls, some of these failures are insane while some of them are just plain funny.

Just sit back and watch and revel in the knowledge that none of these happened to you, at least we hope not. Keep an eye out for some of the more memorable fails, such as the massive sidewall pimple pictured below, or the tire left with a police boot attached above. Both of these ruined somebody day, and we’d be willing to bet both of them happened on Monday, based on how luck tends to work.

Between the fails are some pretty innovative ways to solve tire-related problems, like the car with a department store-special caster wheel bolted underneath where the rear wheel used to be. Go ahead and click that play button and have a break from your day!


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