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Yacht Takes Takes on A LOT of Water in Rough Haulover Inlet

For those who have yet to discover the collection of videos circulating around YouTube that showcase different nautical inlets and the boaters who try to make it through them, welcome to the rabbit hole. We could seriously spend hours getting lost in these videos that combine beautiful boats and their sometimes novice or just downright unfortunate captains.

Many of these videos tend to circulate around an inlet that goes by the name of Haulover. In this inlet, as one might imagine, things can get pretty tumultuous. As boaters of all different shapes and sizes make their way through the body of water, the waves can raise pretty high. Sometimes, this can end up being quite a challenge which is especially amplified for smaller boats.

This time, the boat in question isn’t necessarily small. However, it does appear as if it’s putting together a little bit too much of a head of steam for the conditions. As the yacht makes its way through the inlet, it isn’t long before this thing is sent into the air, coming down hard on the other end and taking on some serious water in the process. Fortunately, the process didn’t seem to be enough to damage the vessel or something like that. On the other hand, though, ending up with hundreds of gallons of water coming aboard isn’t necessarily something you’re expecting on a vessel of this size.

Down in the video below, we get a first-person view from the shore that shows off this beautiful boat being thrust through the waves. Unfortunately, Haulover wasn’t exactly friendly to this group of seagoers on this particular day. Hopefully, everything ended up being alright for them because they certainly took one heck of a lick. Sometimes, mother nature doesn’t have accommodating plans for your day of boating.


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